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OMG! I hadn’t asked this particular question to my doctor about this face treatment in Baner before leaving the clinic. In order to avoid this sort of social faux pas, we've compiled a list of questions you should think about ahead of time in order to get the most out of your visit to the cosmetologist.  

Being curious to know the "how" and "what" about the face treatment exhibits an optimistic frame of mind, like how much they are concerned about their skin and face. best skin laser treatment in pune has a team of expert cosmetologists who come across several customers with multiple skin disorders every day. In this blog, we have listed all the relevant key questions after a word with them, and that will definitely help you come back happily after treatment with no questions left to ask.

  • Is the facial treatment suitable for my skin and tone?

Dry, oily, sensitive, and normal -  each person has different skin types and that is why it is required to know the suitable type of treatment. The face treatment you are planning for the skin tone must be suitable, and there should be no further side effects.


  • What are the available treatment options for my specific concerns?

The skin concerns may vary as per the skin type, and that is why it is important to ask this question about the suitable treatment options based on the needs of the face. In this situation, combinational therapy is needed.


  • Are there any pre- and post-treatment rituals that I need to follow?

This is the fundamental question that every patient needs to ask, irrespective of the type of treatment they are going for. The pre-and post-treatment rituals can either make the treatment results effective or be a daunting experience.


  • What is the procedure for this particular face treatment?

Asking for a face treatment procedure means you are concerned about yourself. This also helps to examine the in-depth knowledge of the cosmetologist about the particular face treatment.


  • Which face treatment will help me look younger?

The main goal of men and women who are going for a face treatment is to look younger and glowing, and if a client is asking for this, then it means they are passionate enough to achieve this goal and to look young and radiant.


  • What is the cost of treatment and the procedure for payment? 

The laser skin treatment in pune depends on various factors, like the popularity of the skin clinic, the expertise of the doctors, and the time spent on the treatment. Ensure that the cost of treatment and the procedure for payment are all effortless and convenient for the customer.


  • What is the recovery and procedure time after face treatment?

The recovery and procedure time of every particular face treatment may vary depending on the type of face treatment that you are going for. To achieve optimal results, you need to know the recovery time and the time they need to cut off from their daily routine for the skin treatment.


  • Do you have past customer experiences and a portfolio?

This is necessary to identify the reliability and credibility of the cosmetologist and their team. The past customer experiences and portfolio help to build trust with the cosmetologist and predict the end results after the treatment.


  • How many sessions do I need, and what is the time gap between each one of them?

Results take time, and you can’t expect the acne, pimples, pigmentation, and marks to appear overnight. That is why it requires multiple sessions, some on a monthly basis and some on alternate weeks. Keep this a priority and don’t miss any sessions; otherwise, it may take more time to get the results.


  • Are there any complications or risks if I am undergoing any medications?

If you have acne breakouts or any medication is going on regarding the face, skin, or health, then it is necessary to tell your story about this to your cosmetologist so that they can suggest precautions or safety measures.


Final Thoughts!

Glow is the one-stop destination to look radiant and glowing, and if you are someone who is willing to achieve this goal, then you should visit once. Before undergoing any treatment procedure, it is necessary to go through a one-on-one discussion between the doctor and the customer. In this procedure, you can ask the following questions that we listed above, and this will eliminate all your misconceptions and queries. Whether it is about the process, pre-and post-treatment rituals, precautions, or much more, always prefer reliable and credible face treatment clinics in Balewadi that provide safe and sound services in a hygienic environment. Also, keep in mind that you should never say "yes" to any treatment if you have doubts. Enter with a hassle-free mind to achieve better results.